Thursday, October 18, 2007

On Message

I've done so many book interviews that I can now anticipate every question. I know when they'res going to ask why Katie's ratings have tanked. I know when they're going to ask how Charlie got to be No. 1. I know when the question about Dan suing CBS is coming. Toward the end they always ask whether network news will survive. When I talk about war coverage, the conservatives ask whether the anchors have an antiwar agenda, and the liberals ask why they didn't stand up to the administration during the rush to war. I've got it down to a science.


Anonymous said...

Which are the bigger bullies - conservatives or liberals?

Anonymous said...

Sounds like these media figures don't deserve much respect, Howard.

So how come you're so nice-nice with them?

And how's your child-stalker friend, the charming Michelle Malkin doing these days?

Anonymous said...

So you think a leak about our government operating torture chambers in Saddam's own prison is equivalent to gossipy leaks about Democrat's private lives?

What's wrong with you?

AmmySullivan23 said...

You recently wrote:

"I agree that leakers often get to set the story line, but I also know that Democrats are not unfamiliar with the practice. (Remember the Bush DUI leak just before the 2000 election?) And those who leaked information about domestic surveillance, Abu Ghraib and secret CIA prisons also had an impact."

Do you have proof that Democrats were behind the Abu Ghraib, CIA Rendition, and DUI Stories? Can you please point to that?

Also, do you really believe that leaks about torture and secret prisons are the same as leaks about Edwards haircuts and Hillary's cleavage?

I can't imagine that your book has much to offer in the way of insights if the above quote is an example of how you think.

Anonymous said...

when do the questions about how you lost your moral compass start? after or before the questions of conflict of interest?

what? they don't ask you any of that????

Enceladus said...

OK, so you've got ANTICIPATING questions down to a science.

Now how about ANSWERING them.

And I don't mean restating the gazillionth version of this sentiment:

"Some people thing the press does a good job. Other people think they don't. But in general, they do the best job they can."

Matty said...


Anonymous said...

When will you get proofreading your typing down to a science? You are a gossip, a scold, and a terrible writer.

Anonymous said...

Why in the fuck are you still employed son - you define media whore and perfectly exemplify everything that is wrong with the media.

Now please go back to your old job - I forget what the last one was, janitor? Fellator of Republicans?

At least in those jobs you didn't embarrass us so damn much.


Mum & Dad

Anonymous said...

Howard Kurtz:

Can you please ask Bob Woodward what year he met Al Haig?

This article:

is telling me you helped him lie about it. Can you ask Bob Woodward why he's been lying for many years about his ties to Al Haig?