Monday, October 22, 2007

The Colbert Factor

David Carr has a NYT column today on Stephen Colbert, contrasting his popularity with the network newscasts: "The incipient generation of news consumers has made it clear that it does not want to see a bunch of guys with really nice neckware standing on the White House lawn talking about what they did not learn in the press room behind them and then flick at 'sources' who suggest that 'one thing is clear.'"
That strikes me as a little glib, though young people have little interest in the Brian, Charlie and Katie newscasts. I devote a chapter of REALITY SHOW to Colbert and Jon Stewart, explaining how they are having an influence on the traditional newscasts. Colbert's appearance on Meet the Press is a case in point.
I'm taping an interview this week for Tim Russert's MSNBC show; the other half, as I understand it, will be devoted to Colbert. I wonder which part will be funnier.

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Anonymous said...

You recently wrote:

"I agree that leakers often get to set the story line, but I also know that Democrats are not unfamiliar with the practice. (Remember the Bush DUI leak just before the 2000 election?) And those who leaked information about domestic surveillance, Abu Ghraib and secret CIA prisons also had an impact."

Do you really believe that leaks about torture and secret prisons are the same as leaks about Edwards haircuts and Hillary's cleavage?

Also, do you have proof that Democrats were behind the Abu Ghraib, CIA Rendition, and DUI Stories? Can you please point to that?

I can't imagine that your book has much to offer in the way of insights if the above quote is an example of how you think.