Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Getting Hoarse

Providence, Portland, San Francisco, D.C., Cleveland, Minneapolis, Nashville, L.A., Raleigh, Chicago, St. Louis and Detroit. Those are the cities where I conducted radio interviews before 10 this morning. And that was before my half-hour on Sirius or my hour with Ed Schultz (or my five minutes with Glenn Beck). Some of the interviews were terrific, others mediocre, and others pretty lame. There were hosts who had read the book, hosts who were interested in network news, hosts who were only interested in Katie and hosts who didn't seem to own a TV. Not that I'm complaining or anything. I think radio is actually a great way to sell books, especially in longer interviews. Can you imagine getting an entire hour on television? Me neither.


Shimmy said...

Five minutes with Glenn Beck?

His pockets stuffed with rubles, Glenn Beck scampered in the flea-ridden dirt in Virginia where he tortured and killed all those dogs.

dl004d said...

Which hosts were lame? (Come on, bite the hand the fed you just once!)

Media Notes Excrement said...

That's a joke, right?

CNN gave you an hour to plug your book this Sunday. And to plug Mark Halperin's CNN/Time website.

Happens all the time, with your fellow "authors" O'Reilly, Hannity, Anderson Cooper, etc.

And C-SPAN 2 does hours with authors all the time. I'm sure you can kiss Brian Lamb's rear enough to get an hour there. Or have already.

Meanwhile, just keep ignoring all the conflicts of interest you have as a "journalist" when you appear on these shows hosted by the men you're employed to cover. Ethics are for suckers.

Anonymous said...

Documenting the struggles between Perky Couric and NASCAR Brian Williams.

What a sad life.

It's a shame that your tripe is what our once-great country deserves in the era of George W. Bush.

Speaking of Bush, how's your wife's GOP consulting business going these days? I'll bet you really keep her clients up at night with your no-holds-barred pitbull fight for the truth.

Matty said...