Monday, October 8, 2007

HuffPo Hype

Rachel Sklar at the Huffington Post weighs in on Reality Show. She's got some tidbits, analysis and a great line about the former supreme leader of NBC. I'm starting to wonder: How did we ever promote books before the blogosphere?


Answer, Please said...

Dear Mister Kurtz,

I submitted a question to your chat this morning about Rachel Marsden, who appeared on your program, Reliable Sources, as an expert on media ethics.

Briefly stated, in the 1990s Ms. Marsden falsely accused a university coach of sexual harassment. The coach was fired, but later reinstated and paid his legal fees. Ms. Marsden also entered a guilty plea in 2004 for harassment, in a series of events involving the stealing of e-mail and threats against a former partner. (Please see Wikipedia for the pertinent facts and documents.)

I questioned whether such a person should be on a program devoted to media ethics, particularly if you did not disclose her past misconduct.

Also, given your defense of the Duke lacrosse players and your castigation of the media outlets which assumed their guilt, how do you personally feel about having a false accuser on your show?

Since you did not see fit to answer my question in your chat -- focusing instead on the promotion of your book -- I hope you will find the time to address the question here.

gtcaz said...

Huh. Answer, Please has a good point. Why would you put such a person on your program. Yuck.

"Stalky" Marsden said...

Why would you put such a person on your program.

I'll never tell...*wink wink*