Monday, October 8, 2007

Media Bistro

My chat with the TV Newser blog is up. These reporters ask tough questions! Actually, it's a good look at how lucky I was with the timing of this book, as two of the three networks were rocked by anchor upheavals. The one thing you don't want when you're doing a real-time narrative is a bo-ring year.


shingles said...

"These reporters ask tough
questions!", "Bo-ring", etc.

Howard, I hate to break this to you, but you're writing like a giddy high school girl.

shingles said...

By the ways, I took a look at those "tough questions" supposedly asked by the mediabistro folks and I don't actually see any questions whatsoever.

Though I was amused by Howard's
"most surprising" discovery that the newscasts target older viewers.

I guess it took a while (say, 15 years or so) for the significance of all those prescription drug ads to really sink in.