Thursday, October 11, 2007

Taking On Jon Stewart

I just got done taping the Daily Show, but you won't see the best part.
We were chugging along, Jon Stewart and I, talking about my book and the network news wars, and we had pretty much exhausted the allotted time when Jon kicked it into third gear. He started debating me more forcefully -- don't worry, he said, we'll edit this out -- and demanding to know why the networks can't provide "the truth" and whether they pull their punches to maintain access to the powerful. The crowd was hooting and hollering. It was great television -- but it's destined for the cutting room floor. Jon just didn't want to stop. He loves the debate the media, he was fully engaged, and who cared about the format? He wanted to keep going, and he did.
Further upside: I got a pretty nice goody bag.


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

why do you put quotes around the truth? Is there not objective truth? That sounds awfully morally relativistic to me.

I don't want to be rude because I want you to at least consider the critisism of you. But don't you understand what people are saying? It doesn't appear that you do. Everything that I saw, showed me someone who seemed to be having a different conversation than the one that Jon Stewart was having. It seemed to me that you had no idea of the point of the question.

Please try and keep an open mind and consider carefully the critisms of you, not all of them are unfounded. I think this will make you a better critic.

Anonymous said...

It seems "a nice goody bag" is a euphemism for "having my a## handed to me."

Howard said...

I just think "the truth" is a difficult thing for journalists to claim a monopoly over. What is "the truth" of whether the surge is working? Of who has the best health care plan? Of who's to blame for the importation of tainted toys? Many issues are complicated. Journalists can dig up facts, point out contradictions and challenge spin, but arriving at one, undisputed version of the truth isn't easy.

Anonymous said...

Journalists can dig up facts, point out contradictions and challenge spin,

Howie, you miss the point entirely. It is precisely because "journalists" these days either refuse or are too lazy to dig up facts and challenge the conventional wisdom that people in general are so sick of the news media.

You guys are so easily taken in by easily-debunked spin provided by the White House, and, eager to protect your access and fearful of being labelled "liberal", go out of your way to push conservative talking points.

You ought to be ashamed. Fifth estate my patootie.

Dr. BDH said...

This is a Howie Kurtz parody site, right? I mean teh real Howie Kurtz must have a glimmering of a hint that he was played by Jon Stewart like a tuna on a steel line? Right? Goody bag? Cobag is more like it.

Next I'm expecting some parodistic anti-Gore flaming about how the Nobel Peace Prize is a crock.

Nice work, Seb, HTML Mencken and gang!