Sunday, October 7, 2007

Hitting Bookstores Oct. 9th

Everything you ever wanted to know about REALITY SHOW: INSIDE THE LAST GREAT TELEVISION NEWS WAR -- and maybe a few things you didn't -- will be posted here. We'll track blogs, reviews, praise, smears and my forthcoming blitz of TV and radio appearances.
Howard Kurtz, Washington Post media reporter and host, CNN's Reliable Sources
Author of Spin Cycle: Inside the Clinton Propaganda Machine and The Fortune Tellers: Inside Wall Street's Game of Money, Media and Manipulation


coffee260 said...

I'm looking forward to your new book.

Anonymous said...

Hoard- your first comment! So adorable! are you gonna read these things nd get a little dialog going? There seem to be a lot of folks with pitchfork and torches out on the front lawn who'd like to have a word or two with you...just wondering