Friday, November 2, 2007

Grilled by NR

National Review interrogates me on everything from Brian Williams going on Saturday Night Live to Katie's chances of survival to whether I prefer print or television. An excerpt:
Lopez: Is it a sign of evening-news desperation that Williams is doing such a thing? Desperate for anyone who can stay up past 7 p.m. to watch?
Kurtz: It’s true that the average age of viewers watching all those segments on back pain and hip replacement is 97. (Okay, I made that up. It’s 60.) But there’s little question that NBC is trying to show a late-night audience that Brian can be a wild and crazy guy. NBC executives have privately urged Williams to show more of his personality on Nightly News — he is, in fact, one of the funniest people in the biz — but he has clung to a very formal anchor role. Maybe the Saturday night gig looked more attractive after Charlie Gibson took over the ratings lead.


Mervin Kelb said...

Grilled my a$$.

You have a love affair with National Review. You have some unqualified twit from NR on your television show almost every week. I heard you even sleep with one of their contributors. (Jonah Goldberg, not your wife.) But how come you never have Kathy Lopez on your show? Not hot enough for ya?

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